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Discover a space to transform your mindset so profoundly that it turns your challenges into golden stepping stones.


Your personal all-in-one coach, counselor, trainer, and supporter.

Whether in private or group settings, start from where you are; you'll be listened to and gently guided to clarity. We'll assist you in clearly seeing the dream beckoning you through the challenge, breaking it down into actionable steps, and accompanying you every step of the way towards achieving that dream.


Similar to our computers, our minds are most efficiently upgraded while they are offline. One of the most effective ways to upgrade our minds is through retreats.


Each Brilliant Mind retreat is guided by a registered counselor/therapist and a certified yoga/meditation teacher. No previous yoga experience is needed.

Discover your next scheduled maintenance time through our professionally guided retreats to unplug, unwind, and upgrade.


A community to meet and practice with other brilliant minds, a place to engage in your daily mental workout just like a physical gym, but to build new neural pathways rather than muscle fibers. A place to help you grow stronger and happier through your own daily practices.

In addition to MG Club's daily guided practices and monthly 'feast of knowledge' fun gatherings, club members enjoy numerous benefits from other affiliated services including yoga, meditation, sound healing, QiGong, trainers, etc.



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